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We offer the best security services for you and your company

Q-Protex Security Software Products and Security Services help reduce business risk, improve cyber security defences and meet regulatory compliance needs.



  Software Reverse Engineering

Want to know "how and why does a piece of software works?" Making the correct risk decisions often requires the ability to discover and understand the principles that were used to create software, systems, or attacks.

We offer

  • Are you wondering how an specific application works? Need to understand an algorithm? We provide Reverse Engineering of Windows, Linux, Mac and Mobile (Android, iOS) Applications
  • Do you need need to consume a specific service or use an API but no available documentation is available? We can analyze an existing software that makes use of those services/apis and reproduce their behaviou
  • Do you need to transmit data through Proprietary Protocols and you don't have access to their specification? We can gather all the steps you need to follow to be able to communicate using those protocols.
  • Do you need to work with Proprietary Binary File Formats? We can analyze those files and give you all the documentation you need to be able to work with those files.
  • Do you need to modify or add new functionality to a software and the original developer is not available or you don't have access to the source code? We can help you in this situation by working directly on the binary files.
  • Do you own a software that is password protected or data that is encrypted and the password is not available? We can get the password back or if it is not possible, help you to access it without the need of a password.

  Software Licensing and Protection

Does you or your company worry about your software product security and its license authorized use? Did you know that there was $491 Billion worth of software pirated in 2014 alone? Q-Protex provides a range of Software Licensing and Software Protection services that helps you to focus in your business rather than in the pirates.

We offer

  • Software Licensing Online Platform Service that allows you to check in real time which users are authorized to use your products and under which conditions: Trial mode / Limited days for use / etc
  • Online and On-House Consultancy on how to develop an anti-piracy scheme build around your product.

  Anti-Scraping & Data Extraction

We believe that when you put web content on the Internet it should be protected from those who want to steal it using mass copying techniques. Unfortunately, the reality is that your data is vulnerable. Our goal is to make content protection simple, periodic and affordable.

We offer

  • Website Assessment: Our team uses both manual and automated checks for web content scraping vulnerabilities by using the same techniques employed by attackers or professional scrapers. We check your web site and provide you with the information on how to avoid this threat.
  • Proprietary AntiScraping Technology: We offer you a Online Service that provides your website a bullet-proof protection that stops web scrapers at any moment ensuring your content is secure.

  Secure Software Development

Developing secure software is critical to a company’s reputation and bottom line. The impact of a software malfunction or security breach can result in a massive recall, millions in lost revenue, the loss of sensitive customer data, and a headline in the Wall Street Journal. Faced with having to maintain software quality and security while accelerating innovation, companies with institutionalized, standard code development processes are looking for new ways to further reduce overall program risk.

We offer

  • Online and On-House Consultancy on how to implement a correct Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC)
  • Online and On-House consultancy on how to write Secure Code (Java, ASP. net, C++, C#, Python, Android)
  • Development of libraries, algorithms, or software in general related to security.

We provide you the best way to protect your software assets on the internet.