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We provide you the best way to protect your software assets on the internet.

Welcome to Q-Protex!

Q-Protex Security Software Products and Security Services help reduce business risk, improve cyber security defences and meet regulatory compliance needs.

  Software Reverse Engineering

Want to know "how and why does a piece of software works?" Making the correct risk decisions often requires the ability to discover and understand the principles that were used to create software, systems, or attacks.

  Software Licensing and Protection

Q-Protex provides a range of Software Licensing and Software Protection services that helps you to focus in your business rather than in the pirates.

  Anti-Scraping & Data Extraction

We believe that when you put web content on the Internet it should be protected from those who want to steal it using mass copying techniques.

  Secure Software Development

The impact of a software malfunction or security breach can result in a massive recall, millions in lost revenue, the loss of sensitive customer data, and a headline in the Wall Street Journal.